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About Joanne

JTH-Caricature-STANDARD-2Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Joanne is well acquainted with hot sauce and spicy foods in general. Her parents cooked with hot spices and even garnished their plates with a whole congo (scotch bonnet) pepper for added spice! Like her parents, Joanne encourages her four children to eat spicy foods and wants to extend that homely taste of spice and heat to table tops everywhere.

The birth of Joanne’s Tasty Hot occurred in a take-out Greek restaurant which Joanne and her husband owned for a few years. Mixing and blending specific ingredients and hot peppers, Joanne discovered the ideal recipe to introduce to her customers. After positive feedback with Greek food and different types of cuisines, Joanne knew this was her calling and decided to pursue her new endeavor.

While not making sauce, Joanne also works as a Registered Massage Therapist and keeps herself busy with her family. She ensures her children remain physically active and embrace a healthy diet. Joanne’s general beliefs of eating natural foods with limited to no preservatives helps translate her recipe for her original creation. She will strive to bring “all natural” sauces to her rapidly increasing clientele.